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Brief Introduction

Institute of Animal Science

Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Institute of Animal Science (IAS), Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) was established in 1957. It is a national multi-discipline research organization in the field of animal science. There are currently 176 staff members in the institute, among which 163 are scientists and technicians, including 1 academician of Chinese Engineering Academy, 41 professors, 47 associate professors, and 107 doctor degree holders. IAS/CAAS covers a total area of 551 mu (37ha) with 60,000m2of buildings areaincluding 4 experimental bases such as the experimental farm 15Km north to the Institute, where is the Livestock Branch under the State Changping Integrated Research Center for Agri-Engineering and Technology located. In the institute, laboratories are equipped with sophisticated and cutting-edge equipment and instruments. The library of IAS has a collection of 23,000 volumes of books and 500 different varieties of periodicals of different languages. The institute sets up 5 research departments, namely: Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, Animal Biotechnology and Reproduction, Animal Germplasm Resources and Production, Grassland Science and Veterinary Medicine as well as a central laboratory for chemical analysis.
The IAS carries out applied and fundamental research and technical development and research with swine, poultry, cattle, sheep and goats as main research objectives. The institute puts emphasis on the areas of germplasm resources, genetics and breeding, reproduction, feed science, nutrition and animal bio-technology, veterinary medicine, in order to solve the scientific and technical problems in animal production which are crucial, basic, commonly encountered or orientation--determining for the animal production. Moreover it is also engaged in organizing and coordinating key national research projects, extension of research achievements and advanced techniques, training of high-ranking scientists and technicians, promotion of domestic and international scientific exchange and collaboration. Above all, it is in charge of editing and publishing national academic journals such as Chinese Journal of Animal and Veterinary Scienceand China Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Medicine (original Animal Science Abroad).
During the past 57 years, IAS/CAAS has gained 226 scientific research achievements, of which, 126 have been awarded prizes, including 22 national prizes, 58 provincial prizes, with 114 of which obtained national patent rights and 22 new breeds and cultivars. In the year of 1996, the institute was honored with the title of "Top 100 Institute" and "Top 10 Institute in the Basic Agricultural Research" for the national scientific research and development capability among national agricultural research institutions. It has the authority of conferring master and doctoral degrees in Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, Animal Production and Animal Reproduction, Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Grassland Science and receiving post-doctor training in the same fields. In the past 57 years, 269 masters and 109 doctors graduated from the institute, 230 professional works and more than 3300 thesis were published.